ABOUT BIGI GROUP - ビギグループについて

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BIGIグループ代表 大楠祐二
From our start as five friends working with knees crammed together in a single, small apartment, our concept has never changed. Fashion is the air we breathe. No mold can shape it. It flows like the wind through art, architecture, and human engineering, mingling and fusing their elements. To those who are able to feel it, it conveys the sensation of the air experienced in beautiful dreams. Everyone it touches feels happy. That air has never ceased to blow through everything BIGI does. Our clothing and other products bring everyone the chance to breathe this extraordinary air. That is the living presence that BIGI is always striving to achieve. That is why our vision has never been limited to clothing but reaches out to embrace the whole of everyday life. There are no barriers as our creations pass from the hands that produce them to the hands that receive them. We can all share the same air, experiencing the pleasure of creativity in things well made. Communicated by the BIGI name, that atmosphere has attracted many people of diverse talents. It has made it possible for us to work together as a group with the freedom and flexibility from which new things are born. Doing so has been our constant dream, our goal ever since we founded BIGI. BIGI GROUP is the crystallization of that thought. Even now, we continue to pursue that dream.
BIGI GROUP Representative Yuji Okusu